Presence / Lacking of Mindfulness, Intelligence and Perseverance (Maṅgala Sutta – Protection with Blessing)

revised on 2020-03-24

By Venerable Uttamo Thera(尊者 鄔達摩 長老)

Presence of mindfulness, intelligence and perseverance:

Sati, viriya, ñāṇa are payoga. Ñāṇa – knowledge is not only the good one but also includes knowledge with faults in the unwholesome matters. Therefore, in everything has mindfulness, perseverance, cleverness, heedfulness, etc. are payoga-samāpatti. In the Realms of celestial beings and Brahma-gods, this is not evident. But the results of this are very distinctive in the human world. There is very few strong unwholesome kamma with them to give the immediate results.

Therefore, other kammas are depending on one's payoga-samāpatti will give the results. In gist, to get good results, we should not depend on the past kamma only. We should also have to rely on this present payoga-samāpatti. This payoga is supporting for the past good kamma. For someone’s success in business, the past good kamma includes 25% and the other 75% connected with this life sati, viriya, and ñāṇa.

The 16th United States President Abraham Lincoln was a very good example. Even though he was born into a very poor family, his present good qualities such as wise, intelligent, sympathy, and effort made him a great man. Man has this quality not only progress in worldly affairs but also Dhamma and he can develop the pāramīs for Nibbāna.

Payoga-samāpatti can prevent the unwholesome kammic results from arising. We can divide unwholesome, into two types strong and not strong, or big and small, or heavy and light. We cannot free from the strong, big, and heavy kammas with payoga-samāpatti but can reduce its power. For example, King Ajātasattu was sure to fall into the great hell by killing his father. But later he had remorse, had very strong faith in the Buddha and did other merits (all these were payoga-samāpatti) that only fell into a smaller hell. Therefore, the smaller unwholesome kamma can be prevented with it.

Present payoga-samāpatti can make one succeeds in business and has good health. In this way, payoga-samāpatti is the main point for the wholesome kamma to give the results. Someone has it can get an education, good spouse, good friends; can meet good teachers; can develop in education, prosper in wealth and status.

In payoga-samāpatti, knowledge of understanding things is the first important; then have awareness in matters and not to be lazy to make an effort and perseverance when matters arise.

Lacking of mindfulness, intelligence and perseverance:

Without knowledge and intelligence become foolish. No mindfulness, heedlessness, laziness, no effort, etc. are payoga-vipatti. Has envy and avarice on others, impatience, anger and conceit in matters, etc. all these are payoga-vipatti which disturb and hinder progress. The main point here is except the strong or heavy unwholesome or wholesome kammas. The small or light kammas of the past have the chances or not is depending on human payogas (payoga-samāpatti and vipatti).

If someone always has payoga-samāpatti then the unwholesome kammas do not have the chances and only the wholesome ones. (As a very good example, we should study the life of Yuan Liao Fan and his four lessons. He was a Ming Dynasty Buddhist and changed his destiny with payoga-samāpatti. For payoga-vipatti, the renegade monk Devadatta was a very good example.)

There are a lot of Dhamma which can be contemplated on concerning with payoga-samāpatti and vipatti (success and failure) because it is the subject of present kammas and situations. In the 31 realms of existence, human existence is the most important one. It is like an International Airport. From here, every human can go to any part of the world. Human beings or living beings created all sorts of kammas from here; to hells, ghosts, animals; back to human and all kinds of deity.

Even now we can see human hells, human ghosts, etc. on the Earth. Born as a human being and encounter the Buddha, Dhamma, and Saṅgha are priceless. Majority of human beings are wasting their priceless opportunities. Instead, they misuse their times with sensual pleasures and even doing meaningless and foolish things. Therefore, they create a lot of negative kammas on Earth.

Very few people have wealth and powers, but they misuse them and create more serious negative kamma (some world leaders, governments, and rich people). These are the greatest fools. Wise and intelligent people use their wealth and power for others. These are the wisest man and woman. Therefore, every Buddhist should create a lot of wholesome kammas, study and practice the Dhamma.

revised on 2020-03-24; cited from (posted on 2019-09-21)

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