Having a Good / Ugly Look and Physical Structure (Maṅgala Sutta – Protection with Blessing)

revised on 2020-03-24

By Venerable Uttamo Thera(尊者 鄔達摩 長老)

Having a good look and physical structure:

Physical good look is important in the human world. A woman poor and low status but beautiful and attractive could reach to a higher status. Then her past good kamma has the chance to give good results. For example, a woman had beauty became a queen, consort, etc.

Mrs. Simpson became the wife of King Edward because of having a good look. Do not talk about human; even beautiful and cute animals will be looked after by wealthy people. Their lives are even better than some human beings.

Having an ugly look and physical structure:

Someone has an ugly look, but with wealth and higher status. Still, he or she has difficulty in the same social class. This was evident in the Jātaka story of Prince Kusa and the beautiful woman Pabbavati. To conquer her heart, the Bodhisatta had to suffer a lot (the ugly Prince Kusa was one of the past lives of the Bodhisatta).

A beautiful woman with an ugly husband and others will take him as her servant. Once I met a businesswoman with fair complexion and a good look. Near her was a man with brown skin and ugly. He was managing her business with some workers. I took him as her worker. Later found out that he was her husband.

revised on 2020-03-24; cited from https://oba.org.tw/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=4702&p=36796#p36796 (posted on 2019-09-21)

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