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revised on 2019-05-26

According to the translator—Ven. Uttamo's words, this is strictly for free distribution only, as a gift of Dhamma—Dhamma Dāna. You may re-format, reprint, translate, and redistribute this work in any medium.

The translator: Ven. Uttamo

Mogok Sayadaw (1899~1962) gave many talks on practice from 1945 until his death.

His disciples started to record it in 1954. After his death in 1962, they compiled and preserved it until to this day. They transcribed some of these talks into 33 volumes in book form.

I made my translation based on the recorded tapes. Most of the talks are about an hour and with some repetition. Sayadaw made effort to teach his listeners to understand and remember it.

I did not translate the whole talk and left out some of the parts. But it will not affect the teaching and enough for practical purpose.

These teaching were based on khandha, āyatana, dhātu, sacca and paṭicca-samuppāda, etc. Therefore, the readers should have some basic knowledge of these terms.

revised on 2019-05-26; cited from (posted on 2018-12-14)

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