Making Kammas Becoming Fruitless

revised on 2024-07-10

Dhamma Talks by Mogok Sayadaw; 4th February 1961

D.A processes are arising every day in your khandha. If they are happening now, you have to cut them now. If not, you’re collecting unwholesomeness (akusala). The D.A process and the khandha are the same. For example – Sukka Vedanā arises. If you do not contemplate it, it connects to taṇhā, upādāna, kamma, etc.

Each one of them is a khandha (taṇhā is the first khandha). With one arising, the preceding one ceases, and the next khandha arises by substituting (not changing into something else). Taṇhā and upādāna keep the results of kamma from vanishing. When one kamma finishes, it sends out another one. Therefore, everyone has the debts of kamma. Without yet closing down the doors to apāyas, if you’re wasting your time by not doing vipassanā, it is foolish.

After establishing samādhi and following with magga behind whatever Vedanā arises, (here Sayadaw taught about contemplation on feeling).

revised on 2024-07-10

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