The Real Father and Mother

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Dhamma Talks by Mogok Sayadaw; 21st September 1962

Jātipidukkha sacca – Birth is the truth of suffering.

[Sayadaw talks about the filthy and unpleasant place of a mother’s womb where a being is conceived.]

Becoming a disabled being or suffering being with the arrangement of kamma. Without separating from kammas, you can never separate from birth, ageing, sickness, and death—the four kinds of Dukkha. Therefore, kammas are quite oppressive (but humans love it, too crazy). Even though it’s very oppressive, humans still wish and desire good kammas because they don’t see the truth (sacca).

Even though they worship good kammas as benefactors. In every life, kammas associate with avijjā, taṇhā, upādāna, and oppress you. The sufferer is only one, and the oppressors are in a group, but you still associate with kammas. Your foolishness is so strong. Let us cut off these kammas with knowledge (ñāṇa).

We have to kill the kam-mother and kam-father (kam is the Burmese short form for kamma). They are the real mother and father – they let you get birth. You must make these kammas not arise. With the seeing, do not let desire arise. Contemplate the seeing mind quickly as anicca. The knowledge (ñāṇa) of contemplating anicca cuts off taṇhā, upādāna, and kamma. In every life, with the lack of vipassanā, you suffered from the arrangement of kammas (not by God). It can kill the three enemies. If you can’t contemplate it, it was like looking after the enemies that oppress you. With the contemplation, you kill the oppressive enemies.

If you say, "I have no time for vipassanā," it means – "I’ll let them oppress and kill me!" Are you not tired of being oppressed? The Dhamma that exterminates the enemies is Vipassanā. Don’t lack Vipassanā for even one day. Also, you must practice vipassanā continuously. If you don’t, then you were born with and will die with double blindness. [Discussion about cittānupassanā.]

revised on 2024-06-10

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