Dukkha Sacca and Dukkha Vedanā

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Dhamma Talks by Mogok Sayadaw; 14th September 1962

If diṭṭhi is falling away, becoming a stream enterer becomes easy. (i.e., with ñāta-pariññā). Without it, it is never possible. (And then Sayadaw talks about the views of other faiths, Christianity, Hinduism, etc. All these are wrong views based on identity view (sakkaya-diṭṭhi). If these reject the law of kamma, it becomes a serious wrong view). Relating to painful feelings, he tells the story of Ven. Tissa who broke both his legs with a rock as a guarantee to the bandits who came and took his life. He was contemplating the rise and fall of painful feelings, noting that he only had bodily dukkha and no mental dukkha arose (i.e., domanassa did not arise).

Don’t let l-ness and vedanā get mixed up, and you must contemplate them separately. If you can penetrate vedanā, it’s not painful; it only involves the rising and the vanishing. If you can’t penetrate it, it will become unbearable and increase. When the worldlings die, they are followed by the whole mass of suffering. If an arahant passes away, all the dukkha ceases and is followed by nirodha (Nibbāna Peace). Whatever phenomena arise, only saṅkhāra and anicca exist. After the arising of saṅkhāra and the nonexistence of it, anicca is evident. At the ending of anicca, the constant (nicca) asaṅkhāta Nibbāna arises. Sayadaw talks about the four satipaṭṭhānas briefly. Don’t mix up dukkha vedanā and dukkha sacca. Discarding of its nature is dukkha sacca. Even animals know about dukkha vedanā (So humans are not much different from animals, except humans can use their brains).

revised on 2024-06-10

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