A Diseased Body

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Dhamma Talks by Mogok Sayadaw; 13th March 1962

The questions and answers between Mahākoṭṭhika and Sāriputta were for the future generations of people to learn from them and for practice. They had finished their tasks already; there was no need to or no reason for them to ask these questions for themselves. People listening to this talk must note down the way of the process and practice it. The worldling who arrives at the height has the habit of running towards a low direction. If you imitate low people or lowly things, you will fall down. Therefore, you have to imitate the upwards things and people. (This talk was given to the couple who were very close disciples— U Chit Swe and Daw Ma Ma at their home. Many talks given to them personally were only 30 minutes long or were short talks.)

Today, I’ll talk about disease (rogato, roga). You’ll recognize it by observing. Sitting too long makes the body tired. This is the khandha showing it to you. It manifests disease. You see dukkha sacca. If the khandha itches, disease arises. The khandha is showing you dukkha sacca. It’s showing you its original nature. If you don’t believe it, try pulling one of your head hairs and you will experience pain (Buddha-dhamma is very practical and does not concern itself with superstitions and supernatural beliefs, like a belief in a God whom no one has seen before).

These are diseases. If you see disease, it is seeing dukkha sacca. You have to contemplate it as— "rogato", etc. No contemplation, it is followed behind dukkha with domanassa. Worry and sorrow will follow you as— "Could I cross over the Dukkha mountain?" If disease arises, one will fall into apāya. Sorrow, lamentation, pain, grief, etc., follows people who don’t know about them. This will happen to you and others (i.e., family members). It’s more painful by falling into apāyas with over concerns (It’s like the modern love song—I love you more than I can say— just rubbish! Even if you don’t love your parents who give you life. It’s just cheating and lying to each other like politicians). Khandha shows dukkha sacca without realizing that both of them have fallen into apāyas.

If you want the disease (rogas) to go away, first understand the disease and lose interest in it. Therefore, at first practice to know about roga, and then follow with disenchantment and ending of it, you will arrive at Security— "Khema of Disease." If not, it’s just only empty concerns and by accepting it falls to apāyas. If you want to end your disease, you can't be concerned for others and also can’t keep quiet. You have to discern about the disease. Having a good sleep also causes disease. Why? - Because of sloth and torpor which is an unwholesome mind. Changing the body this way and that way is also roga. Keeping this thing and that thing is also roga, etc. (There are many things to mention about them.)

revised on 2024-06-09

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