Praying to Become Dogs Again

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Dhamma Talks by Mogok Sayadaw; 27th August 1961

Humans attach to the five khandhas with craving, conceit and the wrong view that prevents them from freeing themselves from the khandhas and achieving Nibbāna. Therefore, they get back the khandhas again and again. They make companions to the khandhas with taṇhā, māna and diṭṭhi. Whenever khandhas exist and dukkha exists. You’ll never be free from the danger of the oppressive and changing nature of the khandha. Mount Meru is said to be 84,000 yojana in size each in height (above the ocean), at depth (in the ocean) and width. The Buddha said at the time of Doomsday it would disappear but not the khandhas. Until "greed" (taṇhā), "anger (dosa )" and "delusion (moha)" disappear, we will continue to encounter the dangers of aging, sickness and death. At the time of terrible stages in the mother’s womb, it is like a disabled being. (the Burmese word for it is dukkhita, we can imagine and contemplate the sufferings inside the small, dark, dirty and smelly place until the baby comes out from the small hole painfully.)

And then the being grew up, became old and was hated by his children. At the time of sickness people spit behind him (because of the smell). After death, he was driven out of the village or town (i.e., the stinking, disgusting body was taken to a ditch field for burial or cremation). The Buddha taught us, “jāti pi dukkha = Birth is Dukkha.” But what you are praying for is to become a suffering or disabled being (dukkhita).

Even the Buddha gave a simile with a dog to the disgusting and disenchanting nature of the khandha. A dog was bound to a post on a leash. Where can a dog run to? If it wants to run and can run only by circling around the post. During the time of eating, sitting, sleeping, urinating and shitting all are near the post. It dies near the post as well. If you observe it nearby it becomes uglier. Here, the khandha represents the post, craving (taṇhā) represents the leash, diṭṭhi is the collar strap and worldling represents the dog. The stupidity of the worldlings are not much different from this dog. They go to the human realm, heavenly and Brahma realms are the same leash (worldlings die), the same collar strap and post. It is changing the post only. Making prayers (with merits and samatha) are not wanting to free from a worldling dog (If a Buddha not arisen everyone is like the above dog). If discerning anicca of the khandha with contemplation, by knowing that this is not Me, this is not Mine and this is not Myself; and the post is broken down, taṇhā, māna and diṭṭhi will die.

revised on 2024-06-09

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