Dangers the Worldlings Can’t Escape

Dhamma Talks by Mogok Sayadaw; no date noted

The Buddha displeased with what the worldlings were thinking about. These are the thinking of the uneducated run-of-the-mill people. There are dangers cause by great fire, floods and insurgency which separate parents and children (For example, Japan Tsunami, Syrian War etc.).

They’re worrying with these 3 dangers which can separate them. Anyhow with these matters, parents and children can be reunited. The dangers worldlings can’t help or do anything to each other are; the danger of aging. The mother can’t save her son. And also the son can’t save his mother, another danger is illness.

After that comes the danger of death. These are the 3 dangers living beings can’t do anything about them. (These are from the Baya Sutta of the Aṅguttara Nikāya.) But the Buddha said that we could be saved from these dangers. Therefore still we have hopes.

Following the way or the path of no khandha can escape from the dangers of aging, sickness and death. If the parents have love and compassion to the children, vice versa must ask them to follow the maggan way (the Noble Eightfold Path)

The maggan arises by itself or by causes? It arises by causes. If you have the right attention towards its arising and maggan appears. With the objects of the 5 khandhas and the maggan can arise (the 5 khandhas are aroms and maggan is arammanika). In the whole of saṁsāra we didn’t know the cause of maggan to arise.

Therefore in the whole of saṁsāra we were ending up with tear shedding shows. It’s important for me to show you the way. Also importance for you to turn towards it. If you don’t do it well will have a good tears. In speech it’s the 5 khandhas. In reality anicca dhamma exists.

I have to show you, because it doesn’t exist or you don’t know about it? As long as you don’t know it, like the mother can’t save her son and the son can’t save his mother. You must turn your knowledge towards impermanence. All minds are anicca, dukkha and anattā.

You have to know your mind arises and passes away. If your knowledge comes in later and D.A. will continue. Between the impermanence and magga don’t let other minds come in. It doesn’t matter if separate between them with bhavaṅga cittas (life-continuum minds).

cited from https://oba.org.tw/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=4371&p=36314#p36314 (posted on 2019-04-13)

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