Rust Corrodes the Iron

revised on 2019-11-05

Dhamma Talks by Mogok Sayadaw; 10th January 1961

Like the rust corrodes the iron, the properties we have collected can destroy us. We consume and use our properties and become craving, clinging and action (taṇhā, upādāna and kamma). Then, we are suffered with our own properties.

Why is it? Because we don’t know how to use it. If we are using these things for the sake of practice and not become a fault to us.

Using these things without contemplation and not contemplate the impermanence of the consuming mind. And our properties are like the rust corrodes the iron will send us to the four planes of misery. Contemplate the things we use andthe mind will fulfill our desire and leading to realization.

(Sayadaw also mentioned for the contemplation of the other requisites; clothing, dwelling and medicine).

The Buddha gave this talk connected with Tissa Bhikkhu (mentioned the story from the Dhammapada). Near death he didn’t contemplate anicca, dukkha and anatta to the robe and died with attachment. And then reborn as louse inside the robe.

It’s called tiracchāna – animal because it far away from Path and Fruit Knowledges. After human beings die and offering dāna and sharing the merits with them.

They can’t receive it if they reborn in hell, or as animals and deities. They have their own foods. They can receive it if they reborn as petas near homes and villages. They eat excrements, urine and other dirty things. They can get the merits.

Therefore you have to make effort in your practice. You'll encounter great suffering with one mistake. At near death contemplate the impermanence of feeling, mind, etc. If you can’t contemplate it and with right attention and reflect them as asubha or dukkha sacca.

You can attach to anything if you don’t. Now, you have the time, so making the preparation for it. At near death you can’t do it. In this talk you have to remember is your own properties are tormenting you (because of the attachment).

At near death, except the knowledge of Impermanence – anicca ñāṇa and there is no other refuge. Therefore must practise for the discerning of impermanence.

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