Wrong View and Listening Talks

revised on 2019-05-26

Dhamma Talks by Mogok Sayadaw; 27th March 1959

Not only listening to the talks of outsiders (other faiths) has wrong views, but also listening to the Buddhist teachings has wrong views. For example, regarding to dāna, if I do it, I will get the result. This is kammassakatā ñāṇa. It can’t transcend the planes of āsava (taints). It’s inside the province of the taint of view (diṭṭhāsava). The wholesomeness of dāna (merits of dāna) is called tainted merits (Āsavakusala Dhamma) and can’t realize Nibbāna without knowledge (ñāṇa). Therefore, do it with knowledge together whatever merits you are doing. The Buddha taught conventional truth was for the Kammassakatā Ñāṇa. He taught the ultimate truth (paramattha sacca) for the purpose of Path and Fruit Knowledges. Therefore, with care and not incline towards one sided. If inclining towards one sided become extreme. We must distinguish between the province of kamma and ñāṇa. The province of kamma is 31-realms of existence. The province of ñāṇa is transcending the 31-realms of existence. When we are doing merits, we must be led by knowledge. In this way, kammassakatā ñāṇa is following behind the leading sacca ñāṇa. Without these knowledges, beings are wandering around the 31-realms of existence. Therefore, do not let it be led by taṇhā samudaya but knowledge while doing merits and goodness. In this way, it will directly give the result to Nibbāna. If your causes are not good, so are the results. In life every time we encounter difficulties and inconveniences, don’t complain as don’t have the good results, but knowing as our causes are not good. When encounter family problems and social problems become stress but don’t complain. It’s only the beginning and more dukkha will come. You will still have to encounter the dukkha of old age, sickness and death. To get the scales of knowledge must listen to Sacca Dhamma. In this way when you are listening to talk, you can distinguish right and wrong.

revised on 2019-05-26; cited from https://oba.org.tw/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=4028&p=35579#p35579 (posted on 2018-12-14)

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