Contact and Wrong View

revised on 2019-05-26

Dhamma Talks by Mogok Sayadaw; 22nd March 1959

Because of contact with the 6-sense object wrong view arising from the 6-sense doors. In Dependent Arising phassa conditioned taṇhā. This is describing in the process but we can also count wrong view and anger (diṭṭhi and dosa). Therefore, there is a usage of diṭṭhi-taṇhā in the Buddha’s Teachings. The 6-sense doors are the very grounds for wrong view. Identity view itself (sakkāya diṭṭhi) does not prevent beings to good rebirths. But the wrong views develop from it, leading beings into the planes of misery. Therefore, wrong view is a fearful dhamma. In the early morning if you start open your eyes it comes in. A person without mindfulness is led by it, only a person who has strong vipassanā knowledge free from it. From morning wake up to sleep time all beings are moving around with wrong view. At First wrong view, later becomes attachment with wrong view (diṭṭhūpadhi = diṭṭhi upadhi). At last die with attachment with wrong view to wealth and family members. With every contact of seeing, hearing, smelling…etc, no contemplation and mindfulness will follow by wrong view behind all the times. Mostly people don’t know this point. If I tell you, and you will say what’s the problem with me? But you have to know wrong view can follow up to near the ending of the Path of stream entry. (Self – atta view is very deep rooted in living beings that they are very difficult to understand or accept not-self – anatta.)

(Therefore Sayadaw always helps the yogis to dispel wrong view before the practice. Also according to some of the Suttas and modern yogis’ experiences even they could discern anicca, they were stuck there by wrong view. Difficult to let go and even they themselves didn’t know the reason. Some of them, their insight knowledge even fell down, like the snakes and ladders games; swallowed by the diṭṭhi Snake.)

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