Investigation and Wrong Views

revised on 2019-05-26

Dhamma Talks by Mogok Sayadaw; 20th March 1959

Without the help of the Buddha and teachers (i.e., Buddhists) and investigated about the world created wrong views (outside the teachings of the Buddha). These wrong views became knowledge. Later, human beings lived without investigation and checking these wrong views, and then followed them wrongly. The Buddha declared that his teachings did not hear from others, but from his own practice and direct experience, and then taught to others. There are eight causes for wrong views. Therefore, in this life you are the supporter of the Triple Gems (i.e., Buddha, Dhamma and Saṅgha) and don’t be satisfied only with it. You could be fallen into the hells at next life, perhaps be born as dogs, cows, chickens and pigs. In the human world, parents and teachers teaching to us are wrong views. Traditions and cultures are also wrong views. These things are only concern with human beings. Even in this human plane the chances to have right view is very little. No need to talk about other planes. Believe in the law of kamma (kammassakatā sammādiṭṭhi) also can’t dispel wrong views. (Wrong views connect with the self). In the 5 kinds of right views, it’s only the first one. Therefore, I have to tell you to observe the khandhas. Also it’s very rare for someone to observe or contemplate the khandhas. Only the vipassanā yogi investigates them.

According to the Buddha, he used his knowledge and found out that in all the unwholesome dhammas, there were no dhammas had greater fault than wrong views. There are no unwholesome dhammas it can’t do. It also depends on the khandhas. Don’t take this lightly. If not, you can’t come out from the round of existence. Do the practice quickly. Even the Baka Brahma took the khandhas as Nibbāna (MN 49 Brahmanimantanika Sutta). He said that his khandha was never old, sick and dead. Making prayers to beg for the khandhas is wrong view. Some people don’t want to listen to the sacca dhammas. They are like dogs and not afraid the stones but to the sound. Not afraid the khandhas but to the sound of Dhamma. Craving and wrong view are together. If you have the khandhas you have wrong view. It is latent in the khandhas. Only noble beings are free from it. Don’t know how to investigate developing wrong view. Knowing how to investigate develop the anatta ñāṇa (knowledge of not-self) and leading to Nibbāna. In the world human beings doing all the things are for the welfare of the khandhas. If khandhas develop, wrong views also develop. There is nothing more foolish than making prayers for the khandhas. These are going to the planes of misery. You will not get the khandhas only by knowing the Noble Truth.

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