Seven Purifications (Maṅgala Sutta – Protection with Blessing)

By Venerable Uttamo Thera(尊者 鄔達摩 長老)

A yogi without a teacher’s guidance for practice, it is very important to have some knowledge about the practice. Therefore, here includes a general idea of the process & progress of the stages of practice – the path of purification.

There are seven stages; purification in terms of virtue (sīla), mind (citta), view (ditthi), the overcoming of doubt or perplexity (vicikicchā), knowledge & vision of what is & what is not the path, knowledge & vision of the way, & knowledge & vision. These seven purifications cover all three parts of the 3-fold training in virtue, concentration & discernment (sīla, samādhi & paññā)

There was a discourse in the Majjima Nikāya called Ratha-vinita Sutta-Relay Chariots. In there Ven. Sariputta & Ven. Punna spoke of this list of 7 purifications. Here I give a general outline of this subject from the notes of Dhamma talks by Sayadaw Dr. Nandamalarbhivamsa. People want to know more details about them should read the Visuddhimagga – the Path of Purification by Buddhagosa.

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