Content of "Two Sides of A Coin" (Dhamma Talks by Sayadaw U Ukkaṭṭha)

Translation based on the recorded tapes (Burmese) by Bhikkhu Uttamo

revised on 2022-04-28

  • Content of Dhamma Talks by Sayadaw U Ukkaṭṭha and Sayadaw U Candima
  • Content of Publications of Bhikkhu Uttamo

These two books ("Two Sides of A Coin" and "A Noble Search") are combined and bound in one volume:

  • PDF (For Print, Size: B5, 14 pt, 285 pages, 2022-08-10)
  • Cover of Bound volume of "Two Sides of A Coin" and "A Noble Search" (2022-08-10)

According to the translator—Bhikkhu Uttamo's words, this is strictly for free distribution only, as a gift of Dhamma—Dhamma Dāna. You may re-format, reprint, translate, and redistribute this work in any medium.

據英譯者—鄔達摩比丘交待,此譯文僅能免費與大眾結緣,作為法的禮物(Dhamma Dāna)。你可以在任何媒體上重新編製、重印、翻譯和重新發布這部作品。