Penetration of Dukkha

Dhamma Talks by Mogok Sayadaw; 15th October 1956

If you get the knowledge of knowing dukkha sacca by yourself and the practice will be finished. I’ll show you how dukkha sacca appears and the way of seeing it. Someone already has seen it and be joyous with it. If not seeing yet and will have the inspiration.

Dukkhas are in the way of one ceases and another one arises continuously like a windmill. It appears in the knowledge as dukkha is going on like a machine. If you want to contemplate form (rūpa) and just form; to contemplate the mind and just the mind; it ceases and arises one by one continuously like a machine.

At first dukkha machine is going on. And after that dukkha machine is stopping. Dukkha machine going on is seeking dukkha. After that dukkha stopping is seeing sukha. And then the doors to woeful planes are closed and enter the stream.

If you have seen this kind of cessation 4 times and no more birth to come. You can make your own decision with the practice. And no need to ask others about it. And also no need to find a teacher.

(Explaning with the D.A. process): Viññānaṁ → nāma/rūpaṁ → salayatanaṁ → phassa → vedanā → tanhā → upādāna → kama. Dukkha is going on with these 8 factors. All are going on with impermanence.

Whenever it arises is only impermanent dukkha arising. With the contemplation of impermanence; “Does it without these 8 factors?”

(i.e., every contemplation is within these 8 Factors) (Viññānaṁ to vedanā are representing the 5 khandhas which is dukkha. Tanhā to kamma are representing kilesas which is samudaya)

We’re contemplating the dukkha machine going on. Whatever you’re contemplating these are only the process of the dukkha machine. (i.e., kāya, vedanā, citta, dhamma).

At last all these dukkha extinct or without them is peaceful. When this knowledge of not wanting arises and dukkha machine is stopped. People who are not contemplating and taking the running of dukkha machine as me and mine. (How foolish it is?) Everyday whatever you’re doing except running the dukkha machine and nothing exists.

Walking, talking, cooking, etc. are the continuous arising of impermanent dukkha sacca. With the worldly views these are working for the livelihoods. But the real internal process is the working of the dukkha machine. This is someone seeking for dukkha sacca. With knowledge becomes sharper and ignorance and craving become thinner.

When it becomes very sharp, kilesa and dukkha cease. Without the kilesa is Nibbāna. Without dukkha is Nibbāna. Only by discerning impermanence light (obasa), joy (piti), etc will appear (i.e., The 10 sight corruptions). If you’re discerning impermanence and making the decision of in this life will see Nibbāna. Seeing impermanence is finding out dukkha sacca.

You have to continue the practice with perseverance. For some the discerning of impermanence is quite earlier. For some it takes quite a long time (So yogis shouldn’t discourage or disappoint with their practices). Not seeing impermanence is distorted and crazy knowing? Not knowing the process of the dukkha machine that we like it.

Khandha’s nature only has the rising dukkha and the falling dukkha. It is going on with these 8 factors and no other thing. Everyday these are uncountable. Before all of us were in this way. Without the practice in the future also with be this way?

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