Dispelling Diṭṭhi Before Insight

Dhamma Talks by Mogok Sayadaw; no date noted

(In the beginning Sayadaw talked about Ven. Anuradha who had doubt and didn’t know how to answer the questions of the outsiders) I am talking about the process of the practice in accordance with the Buddha. You have to dispel diṭṭhi first before the insight practice.

Ven. Anuradha had doubt because he couldn’t give the exact answers to the outsiders. His answers were giving with diṭṭhi. He practiced by himself without giving up diṭṭhi. If people are asking questions with living being (satta) and no need to answer for them. Because living being is not existing as a reality. Worldlings always have diṭṭhi in their hearts.

No need to answer every question which refers to non – existence (one of the ways of the Buddha was answering with questions). There are 4 types of questions to test someone has wrong view or not. It mentioned in the Abyākatasaṁyutta – connected discourses on the undeclared.

In there mentioned of some of the questions no need to answer. No need to give the answer; if you give it and yourself is not clear about with it. There are 2 causes for not attaining magga and phala (Path and Fruit Knowledges). These are: ① the 5 heavy kammas ② with the wrong process in the practice.

(The Buddha continued asking questions to Ven. Anuradha and helping him to give up wrong views). If you observe the way which the Buddha asking questions, it was clear that before the contemplation and helping him to dispel diṭṭhi. During the time of listening dhamma talk diṭṭhi falls away is important. And then during the sitting meditation it doesn’t need anymore.

Therefore without listening dhamma talk can’t enter the stream. Only by listening of suññāta dhamma and leading towards magga and phala. It’s the dhamma devoid of a person and living being. Only becoming suññatā dhamma and diṭṭhi will fall away. Nothing is more important than suññatā dhamma.

cited from https://oba.org.tw/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=4362&p=36301#p36301 (posted on 2019-04-12)

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