Fall in Love with Dukkha

Dhamma Talks by Mogok Sayadaw; 9th October 1962

Instant rebirth – upapatti-bhāva in sec is the rebirth of instantly arising of the heavenly beings, brahma gods and hell beings (refer to 12 links of D.A.). Rebirth doesn’t mean following from this life to that life. It’s conditioned by the power of kammas. Saying it as rebirth, in real it’s like from consciousness to feeling (i.e. viññāṇa …vedana) in sec.

Ageing and death also the same (i.e. as a khandha). Knowing that we’ll die and happy with sensual pleasure is crazy. It’s taking pleasure in dukkha sacca. Arriving to Nibbāna means no kamma exists. But you all are expecting for good kamma, expecting for samudaya and dukkha saccas. You love dukkha. Take dukkha as sukha.

In the 4 Noble Truths, dukkha sacca is the most difficult to know. If you know it, you’ll free from dukkha. Now you know dukkha as the animal does. You all are bored without dukkha. When someone dies, people cry because they lost their dukkha. In real they are crying because their burden is falling off.

Dukkha is the most difficult to understand. With the understanding of dukkha sacca, everything finished. Without understanding of dukkha is not arriving to Nibbāna – the Cessation of Dukkha.

So Nibbāna is not the kammic way but ñāṇaic way. Only with the knowledge of understanding dukkha arises, Nibbāna will appear. Now people are crying if loosing dukkha. (Sayadaw gave other examples in life but the sound of the tape was not clear enough.)

If I am asking you for practice, you don’t want to do it because you are in fear of dukkha ending. People are working hard for kilesa matters leading to dukkha. More and more people don’t know about dukkha and more and more appreciate kamma.

Whatever kinds of kamma you are doing only get birth – jati. And only get dukkha sacca. Wanting to abandon kamma is quite rare. Connecting to kammas means we are liking dukkha, not wanting short life. Longer life means longer dukkha.

Someone who doesn’t know dukkha is expecting kamma. People appreciate samudaya sacca (i.e. taṇhā) which has to be abandoned means dukkha sacca is difficult to understand. This is an evidence about it.

cited from https://oba.org.tw/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=4202&p=35998#p35998 (posted on 2019-02-21)

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