Dhamma Talks by Mogok Sayadaw; 17th, 18th, 20th & 21st June 1961

We have to correct our mistakes on the khandha with our own knowledge. There are 12 perversions (vipallāsa). All living beings in daily life are reflecting on the 5 khandhas with the 12 mistakes (These are: perceive things as permenence, happiness, self and beautiful; knowing things as permenence, happy, self and beautiful; viewing things as permanence, happy, self and beautiful.).

Therefore these are 12 perversions always surrounding the 5 khandhas. We were in many lives in such situations. It has been liked surrounded by walls. The inner part is the khandhas and 31 realms are the outer walls. According to the truth these are dukkha and samudaya (the cause).

Fuels and fire are together. So beings are becoming fire ghosts. In the awaken times, people are always burning with the kilesa fire. In the sleeping times they are always burning with the life of aging. It was like burning all the times with fire in the security prison.

It was surrounded by the 12 walls of ignorance. If we don’t know our worst situations will never find the way out. These mistakes come from the khandha. By clearing away the khandha and it will disappear.

To understand the perversions are very important. Don’t think that these dhammas are only relates to the living khandha. It also have connection to lifeless objects. Human beings are born inside the perversions. They are happy and joyful with aging, sickness and death.

The matter of knowing these dhamma is not an ordinary things. The Buddha himself had to know them for the correction of living beings. He had to fulfill the paramis (perfections) for the 4 incaculable aeons (asankheyya kappa) and hundred thousand aeons(kappa). To expand the 5 khandhas become the 4 satipatthāna.

To condense it becomes impermanence (i.e, rise & fall). In the 31 realms of existence only have saṅkhāra & anicca. The 12 perversions have to be destroyed with its own path knowledge accordingly. By seeing impermenence wrong perceptions and views are gone.

Therefore should not take the khandha as a reliable thing. With impermanence perversion of view falls away. After discerning impermanence and die, even without seeing the ending of it will become a sotāpanna after death. Why is that happen? Because by discerning impermanence has no wrong view.

If you ask why arising in the heaven become sotāpanna quickly. As a heavenly being doesn’t has mucus and dirty matters in the body which can’t cover up the knowledge (nyan). (You know how dirty and foul human bodies are. Heavenly devatas never come down to earth for this reason. They can’t bear this smell.)

Nyan becomes clear & has the power of penetration. Heavenly beings can see far distances with their eyes are also this point. The importance of impermanence is more than that. After becomes a sotāpanna; of the 12 walls of perversions, 8 of them are broken down & destroyed.

(The 8 perversions sotāpanna eradicated are: ① The views of permanence, happiness, beauty & self ② the perceptions of permanence & self ③ The knowing-knowledge of permanence & self).

If reborn again as a human being never becomes a leper, blind & deaf etc. (physical disability), never born into a family with wrong views & never born in a place where the teachings of the Buddha is out of reach. Becomes only as higher class human being & heavenly being. For the higher Path knowledge also start again from impermanence.

The majority of people blame the problems on kammas (both good or bad). In reality the perversion of dhammas control over kammas. Therefore crazy kammas are under the control of a crazy dictator. So, nothing is good. Because of wrong views -> become attachment to views -> create kammas under the control of wrong views.

Without wrong views fall away every kamma creates is crazy kamma. Because of wrong views kammas become unstable kammas. Therefore beings create kammas out of desire. So, beings are falling down randomly, in the round of existence. Don’t be afraid of kammas. You have to fear of ditthi & tanhā.

After destroy ditthi has a stable rebirth (Never fall into the planes of misery; can’t interfere by negative kamma). By examining the different types of characters of living beings can know crazy kamma or not. For e.g, Queen Mallikā fell into hell for short period was the cause of crazy kamma.

For worldlings all their kammas are crazy kammas. Not knowing the truth people become crazy. For good kamma, first have to cure our craziness.Because the 12 lunatics are over controlling on kamma. How can it be good kamma? By seeing the khandha rightly craziness will be cured. Condense the 5 khandhas become 3 universal characteristics_anicca, dukkha & anatta.

Condense it again anicca vata saṅkhāra_all conditioned phenomena are truly impermanence. By seeing impermanence knowing the truth of dukkha. The khandha always has this only. To know it by yourself-sanditthika. By continuous practicing & knowing the truth more & more. At the time can make a firm decision as it’s real dukkha & craziness will gone.

Before we take kamma as father & mother. (i.e, rely on them as a small child relies on his parents. Mot Buddhists rely on good kammas. But Sayadaw usually said it was wrong. Instead we should rely on knowledge; nyan father & nyan mother, instead of kam father and kam mother. Here kam is the Burmese word for kamma.)

If you know how to use the khandha will send you to Nibbāna. Without it the distorted dhammas arise and send you to old age, sickness and death. (Sayadaw explained on this point, gave the simile used by Ven. Nāgasena the simile of a boat).

The boat was the 5 khandhas. Boat man was the practising yogi. The other shore was Nibbāna. The khandha was like the boat; without it and the vipassanā knowledge, you couldn’t arrive to Nibbāna. If you know how to look at the khandha, it will send you to Nibbāna. Don’t know how to look at it will send you to old age, sickness and death.

You have to look at it like a boat man. With mindfulness always look after the boat. Have to observe the khandha continuously. Don’t let oneself becomes over tired. Over tired is an extreme (atta-kilamatha). Feelings are arising and disappearing.

This is their nature. The reason we don’t realize Nibbāna is our knowledge not reaching into the khandha’s nature. Also perversions grow out and our knowledge can’t penetrate them. The task of the yogi is looking for a quiet place and not losing the track of the knowledge.

The Buddha asked to look for bodily seclusion-kayaviveka. With it and becomes mind seclusion-cittaviveka. And then the mind becomes in calmness. With this comes the cessation of the khandha-upadhi-viveka. To make his simile clear Ven. Nagasena used Ven. Sariputta’s verses of instruction on practice, i.e Kayamimaṁ Gatha.

Today talk is wanting to get rid of inrversions that showing you the practice. Listening talk is changing to ariyan eyes-noble eyes. So that you know how to look at it with the ariyan’s disciple eyes and knowing the truth. Before you thought as this khandha was nice to have it. Now you know it as real dukkha.

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