A Poisonous Snake

Dhamma Talks by Mogok Sayadaw; 11th March 1961

Fire element (tejo) increases the material from (rūpa). It also makes the material form to stop function. We were dying under the hands of fire element for many lives. Therefore in some of the Buddha’s teachings it mentioned that no fire element in Nibbāna.

Examine your body and it’s warm. It’s fire element and waiting to kill you. King of the Death is already exisiting in the khandha. Who was putting you into the prison of your mother’s womb?

It’s craving (tanhā). Tanhā is a good preacher. By its teaching you created kamma and got the resultant khandha (vipaka vatta khandha). Therefore birth is the truth of dukkha. If you are not free from tanhā and can’t escape from put into a prison. After coming out from the prison you are beaten by the fire element. And become aging, sickness and death.

Because of the fire element don’t have the chance of happiness. It’s terrible. Everyday you have to request aging and sickness with foods and drinks. In this way to have a human life is without the dignity. For sickness you have to request with medicines. For King of the Death you can’t do anything for him. You have to go into the coffin. You have to feel your body very often (for fire element).

And then remind yourself that King of the Death is in the khandha and practice hard (Here Sayadaw’s talk was humorous). Feeling the body and looking for liberation. You handle it with mindfulness practice (satipatthāna). There are 2 ways you can choose.The way to death and the way of liberation from the king of the Death.

But you all are enthusiastically following the way of death. (continued Susima’s story). Of the 5 khandhas whatever arises following the impermanence. When impermanence is ending and the khandha also disappearing. With khandha disappears and King of the Death also disappears.

Without King of the Death is Nibbāna. Therefore go to a place free from the King of the Death is the way of the path factors (magganga). In the 8 path factors, samadhi path factor is not including as a jhana.

But include as access concentration (upacara samadhi) and arising and passing away together. Not include as absorption jhana (appȧnājhana). But include as vipassanā jhana or lakkhananupa jhana which is discerning the 3 universal characteristics. (annica, dukkha and anatta, this explanation was from the commentary)

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