The Dhamma To Nibbāna

Dhamma Talks by Mogok Sayadaw; 6th Jan.1960

(This talk was based on a sutta in satipatthāna Samyutta.) Ven. Uttiya asked the Buddha; ” Please tell me the beginning to Nibbāna. If I know this will be arrived to the end.” This is important. There can be also mistake in the beginning.” The Buddha answered that if your precepts are clean and have right view, these are the beginning to Nibbāna. Right view is sammā-ditthi. Therefore, sīla and paññā are the beginning to Nibbāna. Uttiya followed the Buddha’s instruction and looked after the precepts and made his view right. And then practiced satipatthāna and became an arahant. (There was also a monk named Ven. Bahiya not the Daruciriya, followed the same instruction from the Buddha also became an arahant.) For purify the sīla, undertaking of the precepts is enough (for lay community). Right view is to become sammā-ditthi. Listening dhamma talks and have wise reflection (yonisomānasikāra). Dhamma talks are not ordinary ones, but vipassanā dhamma, i.e sacca dhamma. Dāna, sīla, samatha dhammas are not connection with the contemplation of anicca, dukkha and anatta. Right attention means dhamma shows anicca and know anicca, shows dukkha and know dukkha, and shows anatta and know anatta. Listen talks also important. By listening the Christian teachings can become a Christian. Going wrong in the beginning will not realize Nibbāna.

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