Perception & Wrong View

Dhamma Talks by Mogok Sayadaw; 23rd March 1959

Sañña is perception, making the perceptions of father, mother …etc. The reality of mind & body disappears and perceptions come in and taking them as real father and mother and relying on them. Don’t know them as conventional truth. Taking the perception as real and depending and relying on them. Because of wrong perception, it becomes wrong view. Most wrong views come from perceptions. Therefore, human beings are relying on impermanence, suffering and not-self, birth, old age and death. From ending of the paramattha objects can realize the objectless paramattha Nibbāna. There are 2 kinds of perceptions, right and wrong perceptions. Right perception becomes right view and wrong perception becomes wrong view. You must know the differences. From the perception of perversion or distortion (sañña vipallasa) come the knowing of perversion (citta vipallasa) and the view of perversion (diṭṭhi vipallasa) respectively. Knowing the nature of the mind & body and their causes and effects processes is a cula-sotāpanna. And free from one life to the planes of misery. To become a maha- sotāpanna by contemplation and abandoning wrong view and attachment to them. And then totally free from the planes of misery, because he has no latent tendency of wrong view (ditthanusaya). Everytime perception arises by contemplation of impermanence and not become wrong view. After it’s arising and not contemplating and following by wrong view. As an example, seeing the son, with the only perception of the son not create a fault. But I have to rely on him, and then it’s sticking with wrong view. Everytime it comes, have to contemplate. If become a habit and it’s not difficult. Difficulties come from no habitual practice. (This is a very important point for yogis.)

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