Looking For Nibbāna At The Right Place

Dhamma Talks by Mogok Sayadaw;

(Sayadaw gave a few talks on Nibbāna and explaining with his own similes but this one without it. It was like a puzzle. But instead of thinking and speculation on Nibbāna, it is better to understand what Dukkha is. And then will appreciate Nibbāna and desire to transcend Dukkha. Only by understanding Dukkha can be understood Nibbāna.)

In the khandha there are 3 Noble Truths. Form(rupakkhandha) is fuel and Dukkha Sacca, unstable dhamma. Kilesa is fire and Samudaya Sacca, unstable dhamma. Magga Sacca also is unstable dhamma. Therefore, can’t rely on them. Today I will talk exactly about Nibbāna. The Buddha asked to look for Nibbāna in this 2-armed-lengths body. But only found the unstable dhamma. Form is rupakkhandha. Greed (lobha) and path factors (magganga) are saṅkhārākkhandha. All of them are not free from the khandhas. At the present khandha, only the 3 Noble Truths can be found and without Nibbāna. Couldn’t find Nibbāna. Why? Because Nibbāna is not connected with the khandha. If including in the khandha, it will be unstable. But the Buddha told us that the 4-Noble Truths are in the khandhas. Therefore, Nibbāna is not mix-up with the impermanent khandhas. In this case must outside the khandhas. Even the khandhas perish, it does not. Therefore, duva nibban (stable) and sukha nibban. Not everyone can see it. Someone who learns and studies from a teacher will see it. This is the work of a person who works out until not wanting and cessation of the khandhas. After that become one’s own property. Understanding Dukkha Sacca with penetration will realize Nibbāna. It’s not mixing-up Dukkha Sacca that must be Sukha Sacca.

Only by getting there will be in safety. During the practice by not wanting Dukkha Sacca of the khandhas and then instantly the khandhas disappear and Nibbāna appears. Something is existing and no connection with the khandhas. It appears without the khandhas. The practicer stays with the unperishable thing. Not seeing Nibbāna is don’t know how to clear up things which cover on it. As an external nature and not an internal one, Nibbāna is a strange phenomenon. Can’t find it outside the khandhas. The Buddha asked Rohitassa Devata to look inside the khandhas. It exists in 2-armed-lengths khandhas as an external matter or thing and not an internal one. Why we can’t realize Nibbāna? Because of the affection to impermanence nature; such as one’s own khandha, family members, wealth etc. If you don’t want these impermanent things will realize it. Ask you to contemplate is to understand the impermanent phenomena. No.1 to discern impermanence, No.2 its disenchantment and No.3 its ending. If you are desiring impermanent phenomena, you will get these things. By not desiring, then you will get the permanent one. If you find the unstableness, you are on the way to Nibbāna. Continue to follow the unstableness to its ending will find out the constant Nibbāna.

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